Wheel Bearing 510061

Wheel Bearing 510061

Wheel Bearing 510055 Front Axle Height : 37 mm Outer Diameter : 70 mm Inner Diameter : 38 mm Application: HYUNDAI ACCENT II (LC) 1999/09-2005/11 HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1999/09-2006/12 HYUNDAI ATOS (MX) 1997/01- HYUNDAI ATOS PRIME (MX) 1997/01- HYUNDAI COUPE (RD) 1996/05-2002/04 HYUNDAI...

Wheel Bearing 510061

Front Axle

Height : 36 mm

Outer Diameter : 76 mm

Inner Diameter : 40 mm



Failure mode

Sealing: The main form of failure is intrusion from external water and contaminants, causing corrosion of the interface, which in turn accelerates seal wear.

Lubricant: The deterioration of grease is due to aging, water infiltration or base oil loss. The failure of the long-distance running hub unit shows that the bearing's steel ball is discolored, and the seal does not fail. In this case, the aged grease becomes harder and the lubricating performance is weakened, which may cause more noise, the shape of the raceway surface changes, slippage or decolorization of the steel ball, and initial fatigue may occur on part of the surface.

Bearing itself: The main failure mode is surface fatigue failure. Surface crack propagation is visible on most failed ferrules with few flaking particles. The peeling expansion is very slow. Other failure modes are in the interior of the contact raceway or in the gap between the steel ball and the raceway. Eventually lead to pitting and initial surface fatigue.