30204 Wheel Bearing For Subaru

30204 Wheel Bearing For SUBARU What is a hub bearing? The hub bearing is a part that connects the tire (rotating member) / brake disc (rotating member) and the steering knuckle (Knuckle). Its main function is to reduce friction for the rotating pair and also to transmit torque. It is subjected...

30204 Wheel Bearing For SUBARU


(1) When installing a new wheel bearing, if there is no special tool, you can use the old bearing just removed. Note: When the bearing is pressed into the knuckle, the bearing inner ring must not be stressed, otherwise the bearing will be damaged; and when the hub is pressed into the bearing, the bearing inner ring must be uniformly stressed.

(2) Before installing new hub bearings, clean the bearing seat holes on the steering knuckle. Before installation, you can use a hammer to gently knock the bearing into the bearing seat to facilitate positioning.

(3) In the process of operating the press, maintenance personnel should always pay attention to the state of the bearings to avoid deflection. Also pay attention to the reaction force of the opponent of the press bar. If you find that the resistance becomes large or other abnormalities, you should stop the operation in time.

(4) The tightening torque of the nut of the semi-vehicle broken boom is as high as 265 N · m, so it will be laborious when disassembling or installing. You can ask another service person to step on the brake pedal to provide reverse torque. Or, disassemble and install this nut before lifting the vehicle, and provide the reverse torque through the friction between the tire and the ground.

(5) Before disassembling the shock absorber, its position should be marked to avoid affecting the camber of the wheel. If its position changes, finally four-wheel alignment should be performed to correct the wheel alignment parameters.

(6) In the process of assembling all parts, a torque wrench should be used to tighten each bolt and nut according to the standard torque value.

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