Hyundai I30 Wheel Hub Assembly 51750A6000

Hyundai I30 Wheel Hub Assembly 51750A6000

Hyundai i30 Wheel Hub Assembly 51750A6000



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Bearing component analysis

The main components of the bearing are: bearing ring (inner ring and outer ring), bearing steel ball and roller, and cage

Bearing ring (inner and outer rings): is a ring-shaped part of a radial rolling bearing with one or several raceways.

Bearing steel balls and rollers: Bearing steel balls are a part used in industrial production. Belongs to part of the bearing. The roller is the component that bears the load when the bearing is running. It is the weakest part of the roller bearing. Its manufacturing quality has a great influence on the bearing performance (such as rotation accuracy, vibration, noise and flexibility). The main factor in bearing life.

Cage: (ie bearing cage, also known as bearing retainer), refers to a bearing part that partially wraps all or part of the rolling element and moves with it to isolate the rolling elements, usually also to guide the rolling elements and keep them Inside the bearing.