Wheel Hub Assembly For Mazda 2 VKBA7487

Wheel Hub Assembly For Mazda 2 VKBA7487

Wheel Hub Assembly For Mazda 2 VKBA7487


Fitting Position: Rear Axle

Bearing Type: Angular Ball Bearing

Outer diameter: 122 mm

Supplementary Article/Info 2: Wheel Bearing integrated into wheel hub

Inner Diameter: 25 mm

Weight: 2.25 kg

Width: 122 mm

Thickness: 82 mm


MAZDA  2 (DE_, DH_3) 1.3 ZJ-VE 1349 55 4 Hatchback 2007-2015

MAZDA  2 Saloon (DE_) 1.5 i ZY-DE 1498 76 4 Saloon 2010-2015


Precautions before installing the bearing

First of all, we need to understand some of the installation precautions that we need to know before installing the bearings. This is very helpful for us to install the bearings:

1. Whether the dimensions of the shaft and the bearing body are machined according to the requirements of the drawings, whether the corners of the bearing body and the right angle parts are convex, whether it can be completely in contact with the end surface of the bearing, sufficient inspection is required.

2. It should be determined whether there are any injuries or protrusions on the mating surfaces of the shaft and the bearing body. Whether dust or mold sand is attached to the surface of the bearing shell. If it is necessary to remove it with oil grindstone, fine sandpaper or a clean rag.

3. In order to avoid bumps during installation, a small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the working surface of the shaft and bearing body.