Nissan Almera Wheel Hub Assembly 4220131210

Nissan Almera Wheel Hub Assembly 4220131210

Auto parts Rear motor wheel hub 4340280J50 fit for SUZUKI OE:4340280J51,4340280J52 Interchange Part number: 713 6236 90, 972847 Fitting Position: Rear Axle Outer diameter: 72 mm Inner Diameter: 26 mm Number of mounting bores: 5 Mounting Bores Distance: 68 mm Overall Height: 96 mm Quality: High...

Nissan Almera Wheel Hub Assembly 4220131210


Fitting Position: Rear Axle

Supplementary Article/Info 2: with wheel hub

Braking / Drive Dynamics: for vehicles with ABS


NISSAN  ALMERA Classic (B10) 1.6 16V QG16DE 1597 79 4 Saloon 2006-


Some things to pay attention to when installing the bearing

When installing bearings, the most important thing is to keep the bearings and related parts clean and proper use of the installation tools and methods. Therefore, be sure to observe the following precautions:

1. Clean the work area and work with clean tools or auxiliary tools.

2. Use an auxiliary tool with good plasticity and not easy to fall off during installation.

3. Confirm that all assembled parts are qualified.

4. The bearing can be unsealed when it is in use.

5. Keep the bearings clean during operation.

6. Under normal circumstances, the anti-rust oil does not need to be washed away, and it can be installed according to the original state. If it is necessary to install lubricating grease, clean the grease on the bearing with gasoline, and then blow the air gun clean.