Wheel Hub Assembly For Nissan Tiida 40202EE91A

Wheel Hub Assembly For Nissan Tiida 40202EE91A

Wheel Hub Assembly For Nissan Tiida 40202EE91A


What is the main function of the bearing sleeve?

 1. The bearing sleeve is widely used in places where light load is easy to disassemble. There are many bearings that encounter difficulties in assembly and disassembly, especially in the assembly of bearings inside the cabinet. The application of the bearing sleeve can solve the assembly and disassembly problems.

2, the bearing sleeve can be adjusted tightly, so that the processing precision of many cabinets is relaxed, so that the work efficiency of the box processing is greatly improved;

3. The bearing sleeve is also installed to overcome the axial sway of the bearing. Therefore, bearing sleeves are widely used, but there are also some shortcomings. The accuracy of the bearing sleeve directly affects the radial runout of the shaft.

4. The most important function of the bearing sleeve in the machine is to fix it. When the gear shaft is moving, try not to let it shift due to vibration. At this time, you need to use the copper bushing to help it fix.


Tips: The bushing refers to the sleeve on the propeller shaft or the boring shaft. The bearing is a component that fixes and reduces the friction coefficient of the load during the mechanical transmission process. The sleeve and the bearing have the same feature that both bear the load of the shaft.